The mystery of the last box has been revealed. Twenty-four teachers from all over the United States and one civic leader from Mexico City have found their way home…perhaps even unpacked their boxes of books from L.A.

The 2007 National Academy is now a thing of the past but continues to loom large in expressions of gratitude.

Kerryn from Houston wrote from her room at LMU that last night…

Well the party downstairs just wound down to a close and I wanted to say thank you for a great three weeks. Down in Texas it is easy to forget that there are still people out there that are passionate and commited to a lot of the same things that I am. This has been a reaffirming and wonderful experience for me to know that you are out there as well. I will carry each of you in my heart for the rest of my days and I look forward to the opportunity to see y’all (had to do it) again.

Thank you so much for your passion and commitment. It has been an honor to be a part of this wonderful community.

Gerry had to add the suggestion that we read his note of appreciation with a Brooklyn accent and sprinkle his remarks with a certain word for emphasis…

I want to express my gratitude for a fantastic three weeks of engaging thought and discussion, genuinely collegial interaction, and just plain old fun. The National Academy will be a pearl in my memory for the rest of my life and I thank you all for making it so.
Now that we have descended from the mountain top, our new work will begin. We learned a great deal and now we have the opportunity to pass it forward with our students.

After some hard earned “vegging out,” Elka reported she didn’t have words to describe how valuable the Academy was to her. This sense of speechlessness is something we all know after watching a newly invented Madison share his dream that last Friday!

Keith added his words of thanks with a note about a dream he had…

I must lift my fingers to concur that the National Academy was an AMAZING experience: much due to the collective wisdom of the most intelligent community of people I’ve ever been around.

As I stated in the beginning, I’d long dreamed of such a pursuit. And, thanks to Professor Harris, the preceptors, and you all, that moment came true.

While the Academy and all our hard work seems to be light years away, the next powerful educational moment is as close as the next school year. Be sure to tune in here and let us know how the National Academy is working in your classroom.

–posted by Shellee with much gratitude for everyone’s expressions of thanks