Election results might take a while this year. There’s going to be a hundred voices trying to interpret every small development as though it reveals everything you need to know. To weather the uncertainty, Politicolor is offering a seven-day email series, “Still Counting on Democracy.” 


Each day we’ll deliver a short email with three ideas to help you stay focused on democracy while giving election administrators across the country time to count the votes. We’re curating a collection of:


  • Quotes to help you stay the course; Sometimes from the actual Stoics and sometimes from American voices
  • Short excerpts about one foundational principle of democracy, following the framework of Paul Woodruff’s book First Democracy
  • Snapshots of presidential decorum, sharing quotes from an American president relevant to our democratic principles or navigating difficult transitions

The series starts on Tuesday, November 3rd. Sign up now and share the link with a friend. You can skip the speculation and spend your time talking about democracy.

We’ll never share your information. We’re unlikely to even send you an extra email without thinking extra hard about it.

More details about our  Questions of Civic Proportions newsletter and past issues available here.